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Dr. William Lybarger provides expert witness, consulting, and executive coaching services related to health, education and the human services and HR arena. Dr. Lybarger has a Ph.D. in Behavior Disorders.

Over 30 years of experience in health and human services agencies allows Dr. Lybarger to offer quality opinions efficiently. His education, training and experience in quality assurance, performance management and compliance issues form the foundation for his practice. From 1994 - 2003 he was the administrator of a community hospital (which included a long-term care unit), provided professional supervision over a Medicaid-certified 50-bed nursing home, and managed a community mental retardation program. Currently he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in management at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas.

    His casework has included:

  • developmental disabilities, juvenile treatment facilities, community mental health centers

  • mental retardation issues

  • nursing home care and treatment

  • special education issues

  • work with private psychiatric facilities

  • personal injury

  • wrongful death

Additionally, Dr. Lybarger has provided trial testimony five times, deposition testimony 21 times, spends approximately 20% of his professional time doing expert witness work and is retained by the plaintiff 90% of the time.

Dr. Lybarger provides business consulting to companies, corporations, and institutions in the Health Care and Human Resources arena. Dr. Lybarger has served in a director's capacity at many health related institutions, and also teaches health-related management courses. He is in a unique to position to know which strategies, policies, and methods work -- and which don't.

Dr. Lybarger also provides executive coaching and training to individuals and groups within corporations working in Healthcare and Education.

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